If you’ve read my bio, you know I started my career in law enforcement. Growing up I was the one who stood up to bullies who were picking on others, no matter how big or old that bully may have been. This is probably what put me on my career path, but I also believe I got my mom’s caring spirit. She would never let anyone go without, even if it meant she had to go without herself. Mix all that together and you get a caring fighter.

Fast forward to my time working at the state. I realized I not only wanted to stop fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA), but I also wanted people to get the services they so desperately need. So much so, I was told I’d make a better advocate than a state employee. You know what? That person was right. Medicaid is a complex industry. I met some people who truly cared for the providers and members their policies impacted, but working in the government, your hands are tied when it comes to affecting positive change. So this caring fighter moved on to start a business that has the ability to make change happen.

The birth of IYC was a risky move, but I saw a gap in the industry negatively impacting providers and the people they care for. Our goal at the end of the day is to make sure people are getting the services they deserve. How do we do that? IYC works with Payers and technology solutions to help alleviate some provider burden, and we help clients streamline technology so they can focus on the people they’re caring for. If we can lift the burden of compliance from their shoulders, it’s a load we’re willing to carry.

State and Federal initiatives aren’t the only thing creating a burden for providers; so is FWA. Payers of Medicaid funded services unfortunately assign a dollar figure to each life, they have to. But their budgets are far larger than a providers. When a caregiver commits FWA, the provider employing that caregiver is ultimately responsible. To Payers, a few thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket. To a provider, it could mean the difference between making payroll and going out of business. When we say every dollar lost to FWA is a life negatively impacted, we mean it. If a caregiver commits FWA, the member isn’t getting the services they need. If a provider goes out of business because of a caregivers actions, many lives go without the care they need. $1 dollar may not seem like a lot, but $1 equals 1 life being underserved. That’s too much.

I say all this because I want our clients, and those they serve, to know IYC is a caring fighter. We care about the lives being negatively impacted by overburdensome State and Federal regulations as well as those caregivers who are committing FWA. Whether we help you with compliance efforts or we help you identify FWA, we’re in your corner. I’ve assembled a team of highly skilled and caring fighters who are ready to get tagged into the ring.

Kristy Pyles