Document quality can cause of a lot of headaches on any project. Documents are considered poor quality if they have grammar, spelling, or formatting issues, or if they aren’t laid out in an easy-to-follow and attractive manner. There is a good chance your team is already swimming in work, which means quality monitoring can easily fall through the cracks. The biggest complaint we see at In Your Corner Consulting is that customers feel like they are sometimes doing document QA, rather than being presented with quality, professional work – and it weighs on the relationship. When a client is presented with a document for content review, oftentimes the content is not what the client sees. If there are formatting, grammar, or spelling mistakes, it becomes the focus of the review; the content then becomes irrelevant.

Poor document quality is an even greater concern if a client has an auditing firm to review documentation, or if they must meet specific federal standards. Consistently poor submissions in these cases can result in fines or penalties, and ultimately lead to a strained client relationship due to a lack of confidence in the product delivery. Multiple rounds of back-and-forth corrections encroach on project deadlines – and client nerves.

Hiring experienced consultants to QA documentation prior to submission can significantly reduce client complaints. Outside consulting services can:

  • Validate proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Ensure that documents meet required formats and contain all items that are contractually obligated to be included.
  • Reformat submissions that have no specified format into clear, concise reading that makes sense and impresses those who receive it.
  • Assist with the creation of a standard document library for submissions that are frequently required, saving time in the future and reducing the margin for future error.

Using outside consultants also allows internal staff to focus on important tasks. A company’s team members have unique business and intellectual property knowledge. This leaves critical work to be done by the team, while the less essential work of document quality reviews is done by experienced consultants. Get the basics into the draft and outsource the rest – leaving your critical resources more time for higher priority work. The team at In Your Corner Consulting has the experience to help.