I have introduced the LINK device on my blog and received significant interest. LINK is the first of its kind and a simple solution for many historical EVV device issues. Here are a few answers to your most commonly asked questions.

  1. Who would benefit from LINK?

LINK was built to partner with the EVV industry to solve historical device issues, including BYOD and end-of-life cellular devices. LINK can be deployed to either the Provider or the Recipient of care. Thus, the LINK team works directly with all parties in the industry to find the best-fit solution, including EVV technology providers, health plans, managed care organizations (MCOs), provider groups and independent providers.

  1. What makes LINK different from a smartphone I can buy from a cellular vendor?

While LINK is made in the same factory as leading cell phone providers, it is unique in its configuration as an enterprise device, which means the phone is locked down exclusively for business functions.  LINK’s security is powered by IBM MaaS360 allowing users to lock and wipe the device. Moreover, the stakeholders who deploy the device will have control of the applications loaded on each device.

  1. Does LINK offer a cellular data plan or do I need to get one on my own?

LINK is a one-stop-shop, which is of enormous value to the industry. LINK’s pricing includes cellular data plans packaged at affordable rates exclusively for EVV and health applications. The cellular carrier is deployed at the zip code level to ensure users have optimal coverage.

  1. How does the shipping work?

Ingram Micro Commerce & Lifecycle Services (IMCLS) completes all provisioning, kitting, and shipping of the LINK devices. They can ship directly to individuals’ homes for efficiency.

  1. What applications are installed on the LINK device?

LINK is vendor and device agnostic — meaning it partners, rather than competes, with the entire industry. LINK facilitates an open model so that all relevant health and EVV apps can be downloaded by the stakeholder, enabling collaboration between ALL payers, providers, and tech vendors.