Independent Providers (IP) are a critical resource in home health care. IPs dedicate their lives to helping those in our community who need home and community-based services. Oftentimes, IPs offer the only opportunity for someone to be able to live their lives at home instead of having to go to a nursing home. As with other precious assets, more needs to be done to protect IPs and those they serve.

Unfortunately, some State programs have suffered because they place a disproportionate burden on providers. I’ve worked in several positions at the State level and I’ve seen a lot of lives positively impacted by those working in the home health care industry. As more regulations, such as Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), have been handed down, there’s been a decline in IPs because the technology requirements have become too much of an expense. Several times I’ve heard IPs ask why they don’t receive the same resources as agency providers. That’s a great question. The developers of LINK asked that very same question. LINK is a device built for the healthcare industry, not only for agency providers, but also for IPs as well.

A State’s decision to implement the bring-your-own device (BYOD) model places the responsibility on providers to supply their own devices and cellular data plans to verify visits, presenting several issues. First, it’s important to recognize that not all consumer cellular devices are sufficient. Providers need up-to-date smartphones with the latest operating systems to ensure compatibility with State and Healthcare applications. Secondly, Providers are also responsible for managing their own cellular data plans, including any data overage charges. With these burdens, the industry is losing great IPs because they cannot afford expensive technology to keep up with the State and Federal mandates.

Not only can IPs use this device for EVV, but they can also use LINK to help improve access to care for their recipients. There are times a recipient cannot travel well, or isn’t able to leave their home to see a doctor. If a recipient needs a tele-health visit, LINK can help. An IP can load tele-health apps onto the LINK device and allow their recipients access to their doctors.

Thanks to LINK, IPs now have the same opportunity as States, MCO’s, Healthcare Providers, and Home Health Care Agencies. The LINK EVV device empowers IPs to run their own business without loading State and Federal applications on their personal phone. Aside from the unfair complications of relying on providers’ devices, an enterprise device like LINK provides security controls, such as a Mobile Device Manager (MDM), that simply aren’t feasible with a consumer device. In addition, when LINK is deployed, Providers’ concerns of tracking are virtually eliminated.

The LINK device is the first enterprise device that works perfectly for EVV and is an affordable option with monthly data plans starting at $10.95. IP’s now have the ability to take advantage of the same prices agency providers and Payers have.

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