What is Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)? In short, it’s a federal requirement for all the US to use a system to electronically verify services in a home and community-based setting. EVV can look different in every state, but the core of the system is to ensure those who need services are getting them. It’s important for organizations to implement these systems correctly. This doesn’t begin and end with the technology. It also includes outreach, training, testing, stakeholder engagement, CMS certification, end user feedback, and operationalizing the Program. Hiring an experienced consulting firm can help you make the right decisions throughout the process.

The consultants at In Your Corner Consulting have a wide range of experience with EVV, at both a payer and vendor level. We don’t just work with vendors or state agencies, we also work with agencies trying to implement the system in their own business practices. What’s one of the biggest issues a provider agency might have implementing EVV? Their caregivers. We all know you can’t be in two places at once, and with multiple caregivers, how can you possibly train them to use EVV, while figuring out how to operationalize the system yourself? Our consultants can help offer best practices for operationalizing EVV in your business, as well as training plans for your employees.

State agencies are also challenged to implement EVV by the federal deadline. Things states need to consider are stakeholder engagement, training of providers, outreach to constituents, policies supporting EVV, operationalizing EVV at the state level, and after all that, now what do you do with the data? This doesn’t even consider the CMS certification you may need to get enhanced funding. Our consultants can help you with all that. We have experience developing training and outreach plans, giving advice on stakeholder best practices, offering support in identifying policies that need drafted or amended to support EVV, building EVV operational units, and using the data to identify fraud, waste, and abuse. Our consultants also have experience in getting EVV successfully certified using the new outcomes-based approach. States have very few resources to help pull all this together, so why not reach out to us and let us help you? We’re ready when you are.